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Tennis Court Cleaning

All tennis court surfaces need regular maintenance to retain good condition, whether it is porous macadam, synthetic clay, synthetic grass.

It is important to power wash an open textured macadam tennis court regularly, in order to clean the pores of the court, to prevent the surface becoming slippery and drainage problems occurring.

It may not be quite obvious at first, but as hard courts are porous dirt and moss will begin to fill the pores of the court long before it will show on the surface. One indicator will be how slippery the surface becomes and rain water will take longer to drain through the surface, perhaps pooling in areas. The longer a surface is left the more ingrained the moss will become thus causing much more damage when removed.

Ideally a court situated in an unshaded area should be power washed every 12 – 18 months. If the court is surrounded by trees or becomes shaded by buildings, this may not be enough especially as trees occasionally have birds nesting in them and the droppings can seriously damage the surface if not removed.