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Our Equipment

We have a range of equipment to suit your requirements, for both hot and cold applications.

Brendon Bowser (best Bowser on the market)
Powered by a 411 Honda 9hp diesel engine and delivering at a rate of 3000psi at 15 litres per minute. It can operate completely free from all services and is compatible with chemical feed.

Skid Based Lombardini
18hp diesel engine pressure washer, with a delivery of 3600psi at 18 litres per minute up to a massive 35 litres per minute dependant on how we jet the end tool. This machine will deal with the harshest of cleaning jobs.

601 Karcher Professional
Delivers up to 2000psi and can reach 140⁰C. This particular machine is ideal for low pressure and hot applications such as chewing gum removal.